My Girlfriend, My Best Friend and the Barfy Beach Date

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My Gif is the best Beach
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Злой человек
Злой человек Prije 3 minuta
Медиоданые в атмном рижиме ана чё радиоктивна
Galloping_Star Prije 20 minuta
I just got your toy janes love it
Kekoa Anderson
Kekoa Anderson Prije 23 minuta
Why did I wish it was jaiden
pug sisterlocation
pug sisterlocation Prije 38 minuta
Миша Булгаков
Миша Булгаков Prije 57 minuta
by the way, I downloaded your game 
roykoopa31 Prije sat
did you take the sandwiches out of the bag before or after you filled it with throw up?
HHH icantbreath
HHH icantbreath Prije sat
Why does gif have warlord energy
Jesus Alcantar Lopez
Jesus Alcantar Lopez Prije sat
Why d you have 111 subs now
Lucy Vuitton
Lucy Vuitton Prije sat
Татьяна Шаова
Татьяна Шаова Prije sat
2:20 6:24 7:10
Your Music Man
Your Music Man Prije sat
Is you gf the bear from one of you previous video
Yuh Prije sat
Wait he’s not a virgin... I’m honestly surprised but proud of him
minecraft gamer
minecraft gamer Prije sat
James: it’s not jaiden Everyone: *pretends to be shocked*
jeya jeya
jeya jeya Prije sat
Its jaiden
Jean Kirgiss
Jean Kirgiss Prije sat
do you like jaiden
hien le
hien le Prije sat
he swears now?
Maria Yousaf
Maria Yousaf Prije sat
no one cares james and jaden
Lucely Sandoval
Lucely Sandoval Prije 2 sati
theodd1sout i saw your plush in a mall
Миша Булгаков
Миша Булгаков Prije 2 sati
by the way, today is helwin and you have to shoot a new animation or it will be like a video that was 3 years old with helwin where you made a video with helwin 
Миша Булгаков
Миша Булгаков Prije 2 sati
Luchs Zimt
Luchs Zimt Prije 2 sati
What animation app are you using?🤔
qwq Prije 2 sati
Tan bueno como siempre B)👌
Миша Булгаков
Миша Булгаков Prije 2 sati
hahaha, I've been watching you for 4 years, I thought you don't have a girlfriend from this video, I didn't know that you had an ex and you have a new girlfriend kapets quote, and I'm 10 years old and I'm from Ukraine
SpectrumTwelve Prije 2 sati
"It's not OK to ship real people who have their own lives" you preach it, james. louder for the sexually frustrated people in the back.
t o x I c x t e a r s
t o x I c x t e a r s Prije 2 sati
Rip jaiden :( i did ship you guys but you are right, wish you and ur irl gif the best time.
Dwayne Rollin
Dwayne Rollin Prije 2 sati
Wait. James was into guys??!! Sorry. But this is a serious question here.
niko kaoja
niko kaoja Prije 2 sati
James what abaout the mr beasts trivia
BeannSproutt Prije 2 sati
2:09 James are you pansexual?
Yuv Boghani
Yuv Boghani Prije 2 sati
1 year later: revealed it was jaiden all along!
AquaTanZite Prije 2 sati
.... Its not Jaiden... i'm going to cry in a corner now.
D S Prije 2 sati
James and Jaiden my favorite besties nothing more ❤️
D S Prije 2 sati
James got a girlfriend!!!!!!
Ace Pezz
Ace Pezz Prije 2 sati
idk if its just me but james came off as a bit aggressive towards his audience
Ezequiel Lassi
Ezequiel Lassi Prije 2 sati
Deena Dallas
Deena Dallas Prije 2 sati
2:20 and 7:10
Rykker And Niko gaming
Rykker And Niko gaming Prije 3 sati
oh jams im sorry that ppl r doing this to u:(
A new account
A new account Prije 3 sati
Ava Pletka
Ava Pletka Prije 3 sati
guys stop asking who his girlfriend is, she lives in Canada, you wouldn't her.
lil' zo the majestic
lil' zo the majestic Prije 3 sati
top 10 rappers eminem is too afraid to diss: james's gif 4:53
Declan’s World
Declan’s World Prije 3 sati
Hey odd1out some people gave over and one of them gave me a MMM/ m&ms candy bar
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Prije 3 sati
us: "u gotta make a halloween special!" james: ......... maybe
Zellena’s Videos
Zellena’s Videos Prije 3 sati
Sandwich Queen
Sandwich Queen Prije 3 sati
I miss single James
Yup Prije 3 sati
Love ur channel
Adair Jimenez
Adair Jimenez Prije 3 sati
Make more and people will be interested
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Prije 3 sati
I laughed
Blue evolution kai o ken
Blue evolution kai o ken Prije 3 sati
I bought your merch
Jeavean Martinez
Jeavean Martinez Prije 3 sati
stop Very Epic
Jeavean Martinez
Jeavean Martinez Prije 3 sati
so stop
Jeavean Martinez
Jeavean Martinez Prije 3 sati
Ronald Douglas
Ronald Douglas Prije 4 sati
Gotta play among us with ssj9k
Jeavean Martinez
Jeavean Martinez Prije 4 sati
James I miss you . Why are you not uploading
Very Epiq
Very Epiq Prije sat
@Jeavean Martinez Umm why are you angry at me
Fledi Prije sat
@Jeavean Martinez stfu kid
Jeavean Martinez
Jeavean Martinez Prije 2 sati
@Very Epiq I hate you
Very Epiq
Very Epiq Prije 4 sati
Because it takes long to animate
Jenelyse1 Prije 4 sati
Fun Fact: There was a Gravity Falls episode where Soos gets a virtual dating simulator called Giffany.
kade chee wah
kade chee wah Prije 4 sati
ooooooooooooh, James has a gif
Kimberly Hayes
Kimberly Hayes Prije 4 sati
Good job I never knew you had a gif
chefkinsoncb Prije 4 sati
do you like men
FaZe ribena
FaZe ribena Prije 4 sati
Noooo why not jaden
Noah smevik
Noah smevik Prije 4 sati
ebay_147 Prije 4 sati
Am I the only one who thinks its Jaiden
Micah R
Micah R Prije 5 sati
I laughed
Hageneter Animations
Hageneter Animations Prije 5 sati
santino usop
santino usop Prije 5 sati
James: its not jaden, it never was. Plot twist: *AFTER 5 YEARS JAMES AND JAIDEN HAS A RELATIONSHIP*
Laurel Sinclair
Laurel Sinclair Prije 5 sati
Happy Halloween
cro gotem vlogs
cro gotem vlogs Prije 5 sati
Idk why but every ship for me is cringe
Bruno Morin
Bruno Morin Prije 5 sati
Hey James. You are not rlly gonna meet me. Beaucause i live in canada
Fantikx Prije 5 sati
Who saw the rainbow stickers on the lunch box
Tyris Crane
Tyris Crane Prije 6 sati
What happened to the channel
Hasan Jodat
Hasan Jodat Prije 6 sati
theodd1sout .. gg man hope i get a gf in my life
Kahlil Prije 6 sati
*Mission failed bois.*
Aleatórizando Prije 7 sati
Dark realm Jimbo
Dark realm Jimbo Prije 7 sati
Sorry now I fill like the worst person in the world but I’m so happy that you have a girlfriend
yuxia Zhao
yuxia Zhao Prije 7 sati
Why is nobody talking about the part where floof sings I like it so much for some reason
Viki Ashe
Viki Ashe Prije 7 sati
*Ladies and Gentleman; Lyssy Noel’s ship with you is over. D:*
M Belle
M Belle Prije 7 sati
Wait wut... people shipped you and jaiden!?!? that is sooo weird... why does ppl shipp people who are obviously *JUST FRIENDS* how did I not know ppl ship em...
Fire Thumbs
Fire Thumbs Prije 7 sati
Niranjan Sabu
Niranjan Sabu Prije 8 sati
Nearly 16million subscribers
Vasili Georgakopoulos
Vasili Georgakopoulos Prije 8 sati
‘ ,:)
Tucker Levesque
Tucker Levesque Prije 8 sati
Who thinks James should play Among us comment or like this and will make it happen
fmlabe Prije 6 sati
no lol what a like begger
Red Paul
Red Paul Prije 9 sati
My Heart Broke!! 0:46
your awesome oreo
your awesome oreo Prije 9 sati
are you into guys?
DOMINIC LEE 2029 WCSC 4 Prije 9 sati
Arif Azhar
Arif Azhar Prije 9 sati
Hey if you want to see an undertale au which is painted plummet . Painted plummet is an undertale version of animator if you want to know what undertale chacter is james it accually papyrus .Sorry if you are dissapointed. James has a buch of dialogs like if you attack him he say ouch your pencil is very sharp His speciel attack time to use my special blue attacl His power is accually math but i think it cool cause He is good at math come on it cool BTW jaiden is Sans
soph5940 soph5940
soph5940 soph5940 Prije 9 sati
This guy is my idol I’ve been watching this video over and over again and it takes me like one hour to watch it once because I’m constantly pausing it to look at the amazing art work. Thanks for taking time to make such wacky and hilarious videos!
Ds Animationz
Ds Animationz Prije 9 sati
Guys don't ship James and Jaiden, they look cute together as brother and sisters not as couples. Only doofy dinguses ship James and Jaiden
Cats 4E
Cats 4E Prije 9 sati
Wait! Ur real people? I thought u were just badly drawn marshmallows!
Piano E
Piano E Prije 10 sati
Only ogs remember this channel was called "theodd1sout comics"
Edith Dela Cruz
Edith Dela Cruz Prije 10 sati
"Guys I have recieved the highest Milestone in youtube A girlfriend" The internet: SIMPP!!! JAMES SIMP youtube: SIIIMMMP
Edith Dela Cruz
Edith Dela Cruz Prije 4 sati
yes If u respect woman U are simp
fmlabe Prije 6 sati
wow ok now having a gf counts as a simp. wow i love the internet.
JX shadow YT
JX shadow YT Prije 10 sati
Plot twist... it was jaiden
zanegaming Prije 10 sati
i have a question why is your gif driving instead of you?
fmlabe Prije 6 sati
i eman is there a kind of rule that women cant drive?
P4ant0m Prije 10 sati
Can we get some F’s in the chat
Conner Griffin
Conner Griffin Prije 10 sati
Happy Halloween James!!!
eth Prije 11 sati
"Shipping people are cringe." -Technoblade
Playdex Prije 11 sati
mom: you will marry the girl I choose son: no mom: she is bill gates' daughter son: ok *mom calls bill gates* (let's call bill gates bg to make it easy for both me and you) bg: hello? mom: my son wants to marry your daughter bg: no mom: he is the CEO of world bank bg: ok *mom calls CEO of world bank* CEO: hi? mom: make my son CEO of world bank CEO: why? mom: he is bill gates' son in law CEO: ok me(confused) me: I guess this is how politics works for those of you who read this, thank you for your time also please sub to my read this much, I can trust you to do that much of a little thing you will, won't you? anyway nvm that doesn't matter like this comment if it brought a smile on your face :D
fmlabe Prije 6 sati
this doesnt bring a smile instead i want to die reading this
Mbu Khan
Mbu Khan Prije 11 sati
Hey do you now you're in the TV screens of target
mari milkshake
mari milkshake Prije 11 sati
hi james i am your fan and you are cool pls can you write in my comment something pls
awamleh Abdul
awamleh Abdul Prije 12 sati
James: " It's not Jaiden" Me: "Aight, Priscilla then"
Артём Корнев
Артём Корнев Prije 12 sati
Heppy Helloween From Russia!
Manueltjuhh Prije 12 sati
Sorry James but this has been the worst video of yours so far
Solider Smiley Face
Solider Smiley Face Prije 12 sati
*Everybody about to raid ship arts cause James told them too* Evan though they use to draw it
Random Thoughts Animations
Random Thoughts Animations Prije 13 sati
Wait.. Cub scouts.. Cub scouts.. ! DIDIN'T JAMES SAID "T.J went to CHINA and I never meet T.J ever agian!" ..T.J IS IN CHINA WITH CORONA!!!
The bloody legends / the dynamic duo
The bloody legends / the dynamic duo Prije 13 sati
I brought one of your plushies
Rustam HALPERT Prije 13 sati
Plot twist: GIF means girl I f#*^
Droze Prije 13 sati
*Pour celle ou celui qui fait les trad- en fr :* Merci t'es génial(e) :)
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